Why Wix Experts, new coders and Development Firms choose us.

The demand for Corvid services is high and the amount of experienced professionals is low.  Many count on us to jumpstart their learning, complete their project or enrich their existing team.

"  Nayeli is an absolute legend. She helped me completely re-code my website and fixed several issues I had been dealing with for some time. I'm in Australia and she accommodated me a great deal by contacting me outside work hours to best suit my time-zone. She was professional and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her business and will definitely utilise her services again!"

- Jared, Australia



The Corvid by Wix platform is continuously changing and enhancing its functions and abilities.  Code Queen LLC is always testing the newest and latest Corvid capabilities by creating things that have never been created on Wix before.  By pushing the limits of Wix and Corvid combined, Code Queen LLC is rapidly aware of what can and cannot be created on Wix as new Wix API's and Wix codes are being released to the public.  We have the knowledge of what was and what is Wix ever since 2010.  We continue to expand that knowledge as we learn and study all the newest Corvid releases.  We are actively creating original and trailblazing code solutions that serve as direct or workarounds to accomplish our clients goals and needs.

"  Nayeli is an incredible problem solver.

I'm constantly impressed with the solutions provided for even the most challenging Wix issues.  She is very experienced in the code and created integrations for my team that were effective, saving several hours each week.

Highly recommended!"

- Saru Saadeh



Code Queen LLC is very passionate about breaking boundaries of what is and is not possible on Wix.  Our unique and talented Wix Designers and Corvid Developers have an attitude of resourcefulness that inspires out-of-the-box thinking to generate new ideas and allow them to posses the ability to visualize all the possible ways to achieve what you desire.  In as little as 15 minutes, and Code Queen LLC can give you small and big ideas for immediate possible solutions for your project.   What can take others hours, days or weeks to figure out, can take Code Queen a matter of minutes.  Creating solutions on the Wix platform since 2010, and being a part of impactful round tables with Wix product managers has helped Code Queen LLC to stay up date with the latest Wix capabilities.

Dedicated Talent & Experienced Professionals

There is no "I" in team.  Code Queen LLC is made up of a successful group of talented individuals who dedicate themselves to each project from beginning to end.

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